Conception d’une tour d’ascenseur liée à une chaudière

Structural analysis of a new lift tower to be built on Power Plant site A new lift tower was to be designed and to be fixed to an existing stair case connected to a boiler's structure. Several three dimensional FEM models were developed for the lift tower’s sensitivity analysis using software package Robot™ Structural [...]

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Propriétés modales et caractéristiques vibratoires de passerelle

 Identification of modal properties and vibration characteristics Identification of the modal properties of the A41 All Saints Way Footbridge, with the purpose of specifying the characteristics of dampers to install. Located in West Bromwich, the cable-stayed footbridge has a total length of 51.15 m and is formed by a steel deck suspended [...]

Guide de conception préliminaire de bâtiment avec amortisseurs

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Recherche des sources de déformation et fissures dans une conduite de chaudière industrielle

Investigation on sources of excessive deformation and cracking in inlet duct of a Waste Heat Recovery Boler Horizontal cracks on front face Cracks in the expansion joint flanges MODALYSE conducted a finite element method (FEM) based on stress and deformation analysis in order to understand the [...]

Etude des variations de température dans les supports d’une chaudière industrielle

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the thermal transfer in the supports of an industrial reactor when the temperatures, inside and outside of the reactor, were imposed. The stresses involved by the temperature gradients were also evaluated besides the stresses due to the mechanical loads. The max principal stresses (crosses representing intensity and [...]

Divers projets relatifs à des chaudières industrielles

Barrow Island – LNG Plant in New Guinea After the discovery of large deposits of gas in Papua New Guinea, the customer decided to create a remote artificial port at 3 km from the coast since the "LNG" boats would be unable to dock in this inhospitable coast due to mangrove swamps. The port [...]

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Etude du comportement d’une très haute tour au séisme (Banque National du Pérou)

The study was performed using the SAP model of the building, according to Peru seismic norms E.030 To perform the analysis, a set of 6 artificial accelerograms were generated. The accelerograms were defined with duration of 20 seconds. For the accelerogram generation, a response spectrum with unitary value was defined. Viscous dampers were implemented in [...]

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Conception du système d’isolation d’une plate-forme de sous-marin

The requirements for an isolation system of platform generally include : isolation of vibrations isolation of shock / survivability acoustic silence               The particular specifications may be : long dispalcement for an optimal response to shock a relatively low natural frequency to isolate the vibrations, even under high frequencies input [...]

Conception de cheminées

Aliaga : 80m high, outside diameter : 7,1m supported at 46m from the ground by a steel framed structure The stack design was based on the following codes: ASME STS-1-2011 code, for stack and TMD design and fabrication, and for vortex shedding verification; ASCE 7-05 code, for definition of wind loads and effects; UBC 97 code, for definition [...]

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Revue de conception et modifications sur un réacteur SCR

Design review and implementation of cost-effective modifications to an existing SCR reactor structure, in order to reduce stress and deformation to acceptable levels during the transient thermal phases The initial study consisted of a design check of the basis and some critical area of the Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) reactor duct considering the existing [...]

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