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Propriétés modales et caractéristiques vibratoires de passerelle

 Identification of modal properties and vibration characteristics Identification of the modal properties of the A41 All Saints Way Footbridge, with the purpose of specifying the characteristics of dampers to install. Located in West Bromwich, the cable-stayed footbridge has a total length of 51.15 m and is formed by a steel deck suspended [...]

Identification des fréquences propres de bâtiments à grande hauteur

Identification of natural frequencies of the spire and pendulum TMD of Samba Tower Riyadh 1 Introduction The purpose of the tests was the characterization of the main dynamic parameters of the spire at the top of the building in order to calibrate the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) used to mitigate vibrations of the steel structure. The [...]

Identification des principaux modes de vibration de cheminées industrielles

The chimney located in Dunamenti, Hungary, was 102 m high and had a diameter of 5,6 m. It was mounted on a steel framed structure at a height of 35 m and had a 5-ton TMD mounted at the top. Measurements were conducted at the first level platform, at a height of 52 m. [...]