MODALYSE Engineering is expert in structural engineering and dynamics, and delivers high-quality engineering services to public and private sector customers.

We bring our in-depth knowledge and decades of experience gained from our involvement in the analysis and design of many structures in the world to serve our clients with engineering that improves structure’s operation and reduces life-cycle cost.

The Skills of Modalyse

  • Design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures
  • Design of steel structures
  • Non-linear FE analysis of existing structures
  • Analysis of thermal gradient related to stress problems on industrial structures
  • Engineering study of industrial boilers and reactors
  • Analysis of gas flow in boilers and reactors
  • Fatigue analysis of steel structures
  • Design of structures located in earthquake-prone areas worldwide
  • Non-linear time-history analysis using actual earthquake ground motions
  • Performance analysis and seismic risk assessment of existing buildings and other structures
  • Seismic performance improvement
  • Analysis and identification of dynamic properties of structural systems
  • Evaluation of vibration levels induced by dynamic loads
  • Design, tuning and implementation of vibration control devices and isolators
  • Measurement of vibration
  • Long term dynamic monitoring
  • Dynamic analysis of new and existing structures
  • Time-history analysis
  • Aerodynamic studies
  • Vibration control using passive and active dampers